There are so many makeup brushes on the market it can be overwhelming to say the least. If you don’t know where to begin, here are some of the best, basic brushes to achieve a full face look that is flawless. For a perfect base, start with a foundation brush to place and blend your foundation evenly. Start at the center of your face and blend outward and upward towards your hairline for even application and voilà! 

To get some extra coverage with a concealer brush, it’s important to pat the product on to the area with the brush until you achieve full coverage that blends seamlessly with your foundation. For a brush with even more versatility, try an angled brush. You can use this to apply blush, bronzer, or highlight. Just sweep it along the cheekbones, hairline, and/or jawline, depending on which you’re using it for. 

Another multi-use brush is the brow/eyeliner. This can be used to apply gel liner or eyeshadow used as a liner wet or dry. It’s also perfect for brows. The angled shape places brow powder, wax, or pomade exactly where you want it allowing you to fill in and shape. 

Now with highlighters, some can be intimidating with their intense pigmentation and shine. This is where the fan brush comes in. It’s ideal for highlighting. It gives a sheer but build-able application making it great for intense highlighters. A fan brush can also be used to sweep away excess eyeshadow. 

And finally, using a lip brush is a great way to wear lip color. It provides a detailed application of lipstick/lip gloss, helps to blend colors together to create an ombre lip or a personalized shade, and applies smoothly and evenly. There are tons of different brushes on the market in all different price ranges. You should start out with these basics until you’re more comfortable and experienced with them.

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