What Makes A Good Girlfriend?

What makes a good girlfriend? How do you know if you are being a good girlfriend? How do you know if you are filling all of their needs and supporting them as they do for you? Well here are a few key things that girlfriends should do in order to fill the commitment that they made when agreeing to be someones girlfriend.

First off you should always support them and be there for them when they need you the most. Sometimes when your significant other is going through a rough time in their life they may take it out on you. Although it may be rough to be the "scape goat" for someone else's emotions it is sort of your duty to be that person for them. Many wise people have said that we treat those we love the most the worst and this holds true for this topic. It may seem like your significant other is taking everything out on you, and maybe that is true but they know that you will always be there for them. Now if this starts to get out of hand and it turns abusive then this is outside the realm of your responsibility and you should not stick around.

Besides being there for your significant other your should also tell them when you don't agree with their decision and talk it out. Although you should always be your partners "ally" in the sense that you shouldn't turn on them you also need to be their voice of reason. Being in a relationship means that you two are closer to each other then anyone else, with that in mind you should have an open enough line of communication with your partner that you feel comfortable expressing your opinions to them.

As a girlfriend you should also encourage and push your partner to try new things and grow as an individual. Whether its trying new foods or traveling to new places, its important to keep growing and evolving as opposed to getting stuck in a rut. If you and your significant other are stuck in a rut then maybe try a new restaurant or visit some where local that you have never been before. There are a lot of simple things that you can do to make new experiences together.


Girlfriends should also always work to improve their significant others self-worth. You should never put your partner down or degrade them in any way. Everyone deserves to both be loved and love themselves,as a girlfriend it is partly your responsibility to make your significant other feel both of these things. Some people who suffer from mental health disorders are harder to help then others but you should always try your best to make them feel loved and realize what makes them amazing.

Another thing that will make you a kick-ass girlfriend is that you try your hardest to integrate your two worlds together. This will obviously have to be equal effort on both of your parts but make sure that on your end you are consciously trying to become a part of their world. Engage with their friends when you are all hanging out and at least try to gain a basic understanding of the things that they enjoy. My boyfriend loves car, is actually obsessed with them, and when we started dating the only thing that I knew about cars was that I liked Range Rover's. But over the course of our relationship I have asked him a million questions and have actually grown to have my own interest in them. Even though it may be hard sometimes it will make your partner feel loved and appreciated if you attempt to get to know them and their world a little bit more than most.

Being someones girlfriend can seem like a tall order, and sometimes a full time job, but is also one of the most rewarding roles that you will ever get to experience. By being someones significant other in a healthy relationship you will be their sounding board for ideas, their therapist when they need to vent and their best friend when life gets rough.

By Kristen Catalano

Reflection Magazine