Russian Designer Brings Polar Opposites Together


 Alexander Terekhov is a master at bringing two polar opposites together. Whether its mixing elegant and extravagant or sexy and modest he has it covered. The Russian born designer's work has been a favorite "going out" brand for many Russians for over a decade despite the increasing competition and appearance of new brands. His newest collection features a blend of modest and sexy and is a combination of everyday wear and formal wear. 


When Terekhov was just ten years old he created his first dress for his mother and has not stopped. Since establishing his brand in 2004, Terekhov has been known for creating elegant womenswear with clean silhouettes and an inclination for extravagant patterned or metallic fabrics. He uses a minimalistic design along with expensive fabrics in order to achieve this look. Terekhov graduated from the Institute of Fashion and Design in Moscow before training at the prestigious Fashion House, Yves Saint Laurent. 


Since his training, Terekhov has partnered with Walt Disney to create a number of dresses inspired by the 2013 film, "Oz The Great and Powerful". Russian GQ Magazine named him "Designer of the Year" at their Man of the Year Awards. 


One of the things that I respect most about Terekhov's brand is that he creates stylish clothes that are modest. His dresses feature high collar's but do so in a way that they look fashionable and unique as opposed to looking too modest, a rare find in todays society. When a designer creates a piece with a women's integrity in mind that proves that his heart lies with his clients and their satisfaction as opposed to the fame and fortune. His genuine personality and respect for women is what originally drew me to his line as I am sure it will you.


In his more recent collections, he has added more colors and experimented with more risque designs without straying too far from his original concepts and ideas. Terekhov has expanded his brand to not only include women's clothing bus also men and children's! 


His spring/summer 2018 line for children is adorable, filled with bright colored dresses and swimsuits that will make your little girl look fashionable while also feeling comfortable. All of his children's clothes follow the same code of ethics that he uses for his women's line which means that your little princess will not be walking around in an outfit that is not meant for her age range. Nowadays kids where designs that are not meant for them and have become sexualized in todays society.  In his autumn/winter 2018 line for women he used a lot of deep, chocolate browns which is perfect for this time of year and gave the collection a cozy/homey feeling. The pant-suit style outfits that he included in this line stand out because they are sophisticated without being looking too masculine, perfect for someone who recently got a promotion at work and wants to stand out in their new position. His mens collection for this same season included a lot of the dark browns as well as some stand out jackets. These jackets would be a great gift for your boyfriend because they are casual enough to be worn everyday! 


The Russian designer is all about keeping his costumers happy and satisfied so when he found out that they were going to tailors in order to make their clothes have the perfect fit and excellent quality he quickly adapted to meet their needs. He developed a "Alexander Terekhov Costume Line" in collaboration with Alelier Moscow, a business wardrobe that is tailored to your standards. 


Terekhov's line can be purchased in shops all around Russia as well as Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. 

By Kristen Catalano

Reflection Magazine