Switzerland Shoe Company Creates Boots For All Weather

When Carl Franz was on a business trip to Paris in 1849 he never imagined that buying his wife a present would result in a huge life change. While buying his wife a pair of lace-up booties he notices that the design and buttons/elastic that was used was similar to what his family's factory produced. It was at that moment that he knew that he could make these of better quality, create more jobs and improve the lives of the residents. With the help of his brother Fritz and some designers, they began producing shoes that were made entirely by hand in their basement. Three years after the establishment of the brand, they built a factory and now the brand has extended to include clothes, handbags and leather goods. By the 1870s, Bally was finally recognized as a leader in the footwear industry. After Carl's death in 1899, his sons took over the business and continued to grow and expand the company internationally.

Bally goods are now sold around the world in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Lebanon, the United States and Turkey. The success of this company lies within their ability to create shoes that are both fashionable and practical. Their headquarters are still in Switzerland, a relatively cold country, so their boots feature a thick heel that has traction for those long winter months. This is great for women who still have to go to work even though the ground is covered in snow. The designers behind this company used their everyday experience with the different weather conditions to create shoes that are versatile enough to be worn anywhere and during anytime!


All of the soles on their shoes are made with sturdy rubber and have been handled with cemented construction, they are built to last through wear and tear! Their "Midori" boot is made from lamb leather and features a fur trim around the top half of the boot. It is a fresh take on an older biker style boot. The sole is made from rubber and has traction so these are the perfect boots for women who want to be fashionable while also being safe on the snow and ice covered sidewalks. The cute ribbon on the back adds a classy effect to an otherwise practical boot. Their tall leather boots are also great for rainy days or the days following a snow storm when slush covers the streets because they go almost as high as your knee so they will keep you pants completely dry.

My personal favorite from their boot collection is their take on the combat boot. They added gold-tone zippers and woven laces which give them a unique look that will stand out from the rest of the combat boots hitting the pavement this winter season.  The prices of these shoes are a bit high if you purchase them through the website but if you go to stores like "Saks Fifth Avenue" then you will be able to get them a bit cheaper. There are also three "made to order" stores in New York if you are looking for a pair of  shoes that is more unique. At these stores you are able to make the shoes complete your own by choosing a style, color, sole and even the material used!

By Kristen Catalano

Reflection Magazine