What Jackets Are Cool This Year

With the winter months looming in the near future knowing what jackets are in style this year is imperative so you don't get left out in the cold. It is not so much the style of jacket that has changed this year it is more of the fabric and material that is being used.


One style of coat that seems to be more popular than ever before is the trench coat. Trench coats are no longer reserved for flashers at sporting events and are instead being incorporated into the lines of many different high end fashion designers for their fall/winter lines. They seem to have gotten a contemporary refresh with bright colors and new textures. A lot of the trench coats from this year collections featured darker more neutral tones such as browns, grays and blues with stand out buttons down the middle such as bronze or silver.


Faux fur also seems to be making a comeback this year. In the world that we live in today everything is on social media which has prompted a lot of people to stand behind different social causes because the reality of these situations is now in their faces. This stands true for authentic fur coats, in the past decade there has been a large outcry against the use of animal fur. Designers have taken note of this and many have chosen to incorporate faux fur into jacket designs as opposed to real animal fur. The fur on the jackets that have been included in this years fashion shows ranges in style, color and design from show to show. Some designers have utilized the faux fur on certain parts of the jackets for example the collar or the sleeves while others have chosen to create floor length coats. One thing is for sure and that is that patterns on the faux fur coats are definitely in, anywhere from animal prints to shape patterns to stripes.


If you are a fan of quilted coats then you will be happy to know that those too are coming back in style, with a twist. They are now being made shorter and thinner. These jackets also range in size from hip length to knee length. This is great for those chilly fall nights when you don't necessarily need a giant parka but instead just need something light that will keep the cold away.


The checkered pattern is also becoming increasingly popular among high-end designers. Every street styler at Copenhagen Fashion Week was wearing this print. This pattern is mainly seen on blazers and peacoats but it is not unheard of to see this on a quilted coat or even a parka! If you attended a private school and are haunted by checker patterned skirts or ties then this may not be the look for you but for the rest of us this pattern is cute and formal enough that you can wear it out over a dress without looking out of place!


Last year the fashion world really saw leather make a strong comeback and that has only continued to evolve this year. Designers have been unitizing leather for many different style of coats including trench coats. Also there has been an increase in the use of patent leather. Patent leather is more glossy and is usually reserved for making shoes, belts and purses but designers have been using them to make coats for both men and women this past year! The color of these leather coats have also strayed away from strictly black and brown to cranberry, red and even blue!

Whether you are rocking out in your leather jacket or partying in your trench coat remember to button up because its going to get cold out there!

By Kristen Catalano

Reflection Magazine