What Boots You Should Rock This Winter


With winter poking its cold little head around the corner it is almost time to say goodbye to sandals and adios to flats. Before it is officially freezing outside its important to know all of the hottest styles this year so that you don't get left out in the cold. 


One trend that dominated the winter fashion lines this year were sock boots! Sock boots come in a variety of styles but most have some sort of heel. The tighter the better is the moto with these boots so they will be sure to keep the cold gusts of wind away from your toes. These boots are great for the office because they are comfortable but also dressy enough that you wont look out of place. They look great with everything, including dresses, slacks and even jeans! Sock boots come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. These can also be one of the cheaper options because you can score a great pair for under $50! My favorites are by Steve Madden because they are made to last and the prices aren't high, they also have a nice selection. 


Thigh high boots saw a comeback a few years back and they are still going strong. These boots are great for a night out during the winter, especially when you are wearing a dress or skirt. They will keep the better part of your legs warm without being too bulky and making you look like you are going skiing. My favorite thigh high boots are the ones that have a corset-like back because they add a bit of class as well as cheekiness, perfect for a night of dancing! These boots also come with or without heels and can be found in most shoe stores. 


Lace-up booties were also featured on number of runways these season. Lace-up booties are perfect for work and date nights because they are classy, cute and can be worn with almost any outfit! The nude colored booties are my favorites because you can see all of the details and they match everything. The black lace-up booties are cute as well but the laces and details get lost a bit in the dark colors. These are another cheap option and can be found for as low as $20! A must have for this fall and winter season. 


If you are looking for a sharp and sleek look then pointy toed boots are definitely the way to go. These are great for a night out and have a rock 'n' roll vibe that will have crowds flocking to you. Some of the pointy toed boots are great for the office as well, depending on what your offices atmosphere is. There are a couple of different brands that carry nice versions of these but my favorite are from Guess and Steve Madden, their prices don't break the bank and their designs are simple but cute. 


Lastly for those days with a foot of snow of the ground and a boss demanding that you come to work classic snow boots are your best, and safest, option. But fret not you can still be fashionable even in the terrible weather, some companies that sell cute and practical boots include UGG, L.L. Bean and Zara. All of these companies boots are $200 or under and you will be very happy when that first big snowfall hits and you aren't scrambling for something to wear. 

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