Eyeshadow Trends – Fall 2017


“Cool Weather? Heat It Up with fall 2017 eye trends”
As summer comes to a close, the times of breezy, natural, and fresh makeup looks are over. The heat and humidity aren't problems anymore; like eyeliner melting off your face. Fall 2017 eye-makeup trends are bold, fearless, and revolutionary to what has been done in the past.

Within the last year, its as if everybody has become a professional makeup artist. YouTube tutorials, Pinterest tips, Instagram celebs – its easier than ever for women to use high-end products and create a professional look themselves. They find inspiration at the tips of their fingers. Perhaps this is why this season's eyeshadow looks have gone above and beyond; makeup artists need to push the boundaries from the typical smokey eye and contour that everyone is now a pro at creating.

Let's start with the hottest trend seen on the runway for this season – some fire red colors.
The deep burgundy used by La Perla on the Fall-Winter 2017 Runway brings sophisticated richness to a look. If you want to pump up your fresh face even more, these coppery autumn shades will definitely make a statement. (Photos from Pinterest)

Everyone anticipates the day when the weather gets just a little cooler, cool enough to get their beloved Pumpkin Spice Lattes. The hues of the changing leaves (and pumpkin spice) are perfectly reflected in these makeup artists' creations and bring an added pop to the designs on the runway. But don't you worry, you can get your autumn inspired shades from affordable professional brands.

Urban Decay launched its limited edition Heat Naked Palette, filled with all the toasty metallics we're falling in love with this season. The sexy new palette incorporates warm and light copper hues as well as intense metallics and the deep plum and burgundy seen with La Perla.


Eyeshadow too much effort for you? Not to worry, skipping it all together can still give you an on-trend look. Effortless sweeps of eyeliner will establish an edge and the harshness isn't too much for the fall and winter seasons. Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, and Marni all display interpretations of this eyeliner frenzy in different ways.

Last but not least, bring your inner rocker out with shimmery metallics. Sparkling neutrals and grays will amp up your aesthetic; whether it be day or night and will make your natural eye color pop. Dior has the two perfect palettes for whatever your metal mood is – gold and rich brown shades and silvers and blacks.

Whether you're ready to face the loss of summer weather or not, Fall eye looks are coming in hot so embrace them, add your own twist, and most importantly: don't be afraid to be bold.

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