Nail Trends of 2017

This year as seen an influx of new, simpler nail trends. The long, catlike nails that took the fashion world by storm last year have faded and been replaced with shorter more naturally shaped nails.

Also behind us are the days of bright colored, overstated nails with many of the models in the recent fashion weeks opting for more metallic colors, silvers and golds especially. These colors are perfect for everyday use because they match your office attire as well as your dress when you go to the club on the weekend.


Black accents are also on the rise this year in the form of stripes, curves or even on the tips. This look may be bold but it will add a chic look to your outfit and match literally everything. This is perfect for both everyday wear and for special occasions because of is versatility.

For anyone who loves natural, minimalistic looks this next trend will be music to your ears! Many people have been opting for a more natural look with neutral colors such as beige, white, rosy and baby pink. This is a timeless look that will leave your fingers looking soft and feminine. Using neutral tones on your nails will also make both your nails and fingers look longer then they are! Neutral tones on nails is a great idea for anyone who choses bold clothing options because it will accent it without taking away from your outfit.


Another nail style that it relatively new to the scene is embellished cuticles. This look requires a neutral nail base with glitter, gray or even mismatched shapes around the cuticle. The neutral base is the key to puling off this look so that your attention is drawn to the accent at the cuticle. Embellished cuticles have been dubbed as "nail jewelry".

By Kristen Catalano

Reflection Magazine